Doug E Rees

Concrete Mary

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Doug E Rees
Doug E Rees


 A true story about a "Mother Mary" statue found headless in Nashville. 


Me and sister Penny, found her laying in the weeds

While visiting a friend in Nashville Tn.

Her frozen headless body was all covered up with snow

How it really happened nobody really knows

Penny sat there with her as I walked up to the house

I was knocking on the door when I heard Penny shout


I found her Head!

She'll be alright

I'll pick her up and sit her there underneath the light

She pulled that Concrete body from that frozen flower bed

And went back in to rescue Mother Mary's Head


My friend came out apologized

Said he had to go

He was playing on the road back then

With George the Possum Jones

He told sister Penny if she could fix her up

To put her broken pieces in the back of my red truck

So we took Mother Mary back to good ole Missouri

Her Body in the bed and her head in the front seat


And we fixed her head, It wasn't hard

Put a purple ribbon round her neck and sat her up in the yard 

She's fallen quite a few times

Sister Penny said

But so far Mother Mary, hasn't lost her head

So far Mother Mary, hasn't lost her head