Doug E Rees

Wings of Father Time

by Doug E. Rees

Released 2006
Released 2006
Previously released in 2006, this album has became a favorite among fans at live shows. It features 15 tracks of "Real" stories about characters that live in everyone's memory.
This album is a compilation of songs written while living in Nashville,Tn. from (October 2000 - October 2002). Inspired by other songwriters whom I truly admired, I found myself there. I realized for the first time that as long as I be myself and write from the heart, no one could do what I do . No emphasis on Ego, but only to "Do what I do and do it the best I Can". Wings of Father Time" was released in 2006 but has proven itself over the years. Now that our world has gotten smaller with the help of the internet, I am please to introduce it to you. You will find many different musical styles throughout this record. It is a reflection of the many styles I have learned to Love as a musician. Please take a minute to listen and get to know the characters within the songs. I bet you might find yourself saying, "That sounds like Me". Enjoy, and Thank You! Doug E