Doug E Rees

Keep It Simple

by Doug E Rees

Released 2019
Released 2019
Songs are like kids. This collection is about recording them on my phone, when they were born, in the settings where they happened. Raw and Real
If you like pretty, these recordings are probably not for you. "Raw" is what you get! Where ever I was when the song was finished, I recorded it. In living rooms, the middle of the woods, old churches, floating a river, or jamming with great friends on the road, a song was born. You can hear and feel them grow from beginning to end. That energy is what encouraged me to release this recording! I have put this project on the back burner many times thinking it's crazy, folks won't get it. Again, like a child, it kept on pulling at me and I have finally given in. You be the judge, thanks for the listen!

Special thanks to: Kent Goodson, Nicky V Hines, Ken E Keller, Daniel McClelland,Tim Nelson, and Cody Woody