Doug E Rees

What is a House Concert you ask?  Well let me tell ya bout it!

    Got friends that like live original music as much as you do?  Why not have a live a show in the comfort of your living room, patio, or bathroom if it will hold 20 people!  That's right, get in touch and I bet we can make it happen.

    Over the years I have played many smokey bars to a room full of folks that never heard a word I was singing. When I got off of the cover-song scene, I realized I needed to look for venues where I could present my work where it might be recognized.  Basically a House Concert is set up as follows.

1. Send invitations (email or snail) to original music lovers in your area, usually 20-30 people is a good size.  

  * Include the artist name and available links etc.     

  * Let them know the suggested donation amount (usually 10.00-20.00 dollars each) 

  * Give a brief description of what to expect (usually 2/45 minute sets with a break between for a meet and greet)  

  * If it applies offer a "pot-luck dinner" (bring a dish), and encourage BYOB with coffee etc. supplied by the host 

  * Suggestion/ ask for RSVP and announce address and start time to those who you know are coming. That way you            know how many to expect.

2. Show Time!  Usually the host will introduce the Artist and ask for cell phones to be in Silent Mode. Also please                 encourage your guest to limit conversations to the break or a designated area during the show.   

    * Usually the kitchen or any other room away from the Concert venue is a good place to set-up merchandise at the            break. There the artist will be available for a meet and greet and hopefully sell some CD's!

3. Many times lodging is offered to the artist and breakfast in the morning. If the yard needs mowed or possibly painting     the living room, the artist might also be a good hired hand.  Hard to make a living at this game! Ha!    

Basically that's it kids.  I have made many friends along my music trail and hope to meet many more. It might be you! Thanks for visiting and please tell your friends about me if you like what you hear.  If not, don't tell nobody!  

Buddy Doug E